Fitnic is here to promote plenty of fun through fitness!

We are advocates for internal fitness as much as we are for external. By this we mean if our minds are not in the right place before training, then our bodies won’t be either. Therefore, our sessions begin with a mindful warm-up, followed by a physical warm up with the intensity gradually increasing. The main body of the session is a mix of circuit training and cardio.

Our circuits are based around a number of exercise stations, each offering a contrasting exercise from the last. Some stations will be body weight only and others with weighted equipment or equipment to provide added resistance to bodyweight movements. The idea behind circuit training is to focus on muscle toning, fat loss and overall strength. Some stations will be more challenging than others to keep things both interesting and allow time for recovery from the more intense exercises. Our trainers will always demonstrate the exercise and technique before you perform them, along with regressions and progressions to suit everyone’s fitness level. You will be encouraged to work at your own pace, within your own limits and to listen to your body. If you need to reduce weight or duration or simply take a breather, be our guest! Equally, if you’re more advanced and want to push yourself further, then opt for the heavier weight and perform the exercise progression. 

You can expect game-based activities, HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio, plyometrics, resistance and strength training. We end the main body of the session with a cool down to bring heart rates back to where they were before we started and of course, a good old stretch!

Throughout the session you may work in teams, pairs and as individuals. We like to mix it up as much as possible each week to keep things interesting. We know that any workout is pretty dull without music so panic not, we’ve got that covered too! We’ll be playing upbeat music to keep you motivated and uplifted. We actually consider music half of the workout; the other half is the fuel you bring! Fitness is meant to be fun and that’s precisely what you’ll experience!

Our promise to you? That you will leave feeling stronger, invigorated and uplifted, with a more positive outlook on your week than you had before you stepped in.

You might be reading this and thinking ‘I’ve never worked out before and don’t know where to start or if I should come?’ Panic not! We’re inclusive and that’s why we make all of our sessions accessible to everyone. This means everyone is welcome and works to their own limits. You’ll be encouraged to take training at the pace that works for you.  No one person is the same and we recognise that. We’re a team and we motivate each other throughout every part of the session.

Tell a friend to tell a friend and come and join the Fitnic community! 

Fitness is much more fun when we do it together! 😊







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