Hello! I’m Simone and I’m here to change your approach to fitness or to help you see it with a fresh pair of eyes. Those who know me describe me as a down to earth, bubbly soul, who is always smiling. This is what Fitnic is all about and I want this to be reflected through each session. If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a Level 3 Personal Trainer and by night I’m a bit of book-worm. I use training as a meditative practice and as a respite from the daily pressures of life which is why Fitnic is heavily focused not only on physical but also mental wellbeing – the two come hand in hand and this is commonly overlooked by many.

Some facts about me: I spend 95% of my life in leggings, my day starts with a black coffee, my first crush was Michael Flatley (google him if you don’t know) I’m a ‘social introvert’, a traveller, I love animals, and I have addictions to laughter and espresso martinis. If I’m not training clients you will either find me in a gym training myself, travelling, spending time with family and friends or tucked up in bed reading a book (with my candles and Enya on repeat!)  – it’s the simple things, right?! With an Irish dancing background for 12 years and various other hobbies, my childhood was filled with endless activities. Most days I had an afterschool class, whether it was dancing, swimming, karate (yes, I tried it a few times don’t mess with me), piano, saxophone & singing lessons. I tried a bit of everything, I guess!

My childhood was a fun-filled, happy place for me and I really believe my hobbies played a big part in this (thanks mum & dad!). I remember feeling the excitement before my classes and distinctly remember the high it gave me post-class. My love for dance came from the joy of being able to express myself through movement and the endorphins that came with it. If you don’t know, endorphins are the chemical that the body releases through exercise and have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on mental well-being, boost morale and lift your mood. In addition, its important to belong to a community where you share the same passion with others, and where you create friendships and make memories and laugh at each other about the silly things, share your problems with and offer advice. All of this combined with the passion for that particular hobby, whether it be fitness, dance, martial arts, playing an instrument or even learning a new language is crucial. 

My mission for Fitnic is to create a space for women who aspire to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle but who equally would like to be part of a social, inviting and non-judgmental community. Let’s face it, we’re so caught up in the digital age that real human connection has slipped through our fingertips and we’ve become a society who judge each other from behind screens, are taught not to love ourselves but to conform to social ideals. No thank you! Not today!

If you have made it this far – give yourself a pat on the back – or a small glass of vino (both are acceptable!). I hope this has given you an insight into my thinking behind the Fitnic concept and enough facts to get to know who I am as a person! 

See you soon at Fitnic!

Simone x






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